brenda valentineI began shooting 3-d competition on the prolevel in the late 80's when speed was king and short draw shooters, like me, were at a distinct disadvantage.  To compensate for the limited power stroke and loss of speed due to the smaller eccentrics of my bow, I sometimes took extreme measures to increase my fps.  Things like shortening strings, lengthening cables,  shortening limbs and changing to larger cams, overdraws and ultra-light weight arrows, shooting a too-long draw, and always pulling extreme draw weights were just a few of the many ways I tried to gain arrow speed.  None of these were really sensible options nor were they conducive to accurate shooting. Oh how I envied those long-armed archers at the range but I finally resolved to the fact that my draw was justwhat it was so I had to quit obsessingover speed and shoot a bow that fit which was so much more enjoyable. Now, I no longer have the time or desire to shoot tournaments but I am an avid bow hunter and always looking for ways to improve my odds.  I believe the Equalizer Release Aid is going to do just that.  By increasing my draw length I will automatically pick up more speed without increasing draw weight and we all know this is a distinct advantage when hunting keen-sensed game. My only question is; where was the Equalizer when I was obsessing over speed, hot-rodding my bows and still coming up slow?

Brenda Valentine
First Lady of Hunting
Host of "Turkey Call" TV
Co-Host of Bass Pro's "100% Real Hunting"

Rebecca FrancisFrom Rebecca Francis, 2009 Winner ‘Extreme Huntress’ Contest Winner. Rebecca has taken many large mule deer, elk, moose, antelope, dall sheep, bighorn sheep, black bear, brown bear, red stag, African plains game, and dangerous game. She is now embarked on the Quest for Africa’s Big Five and the Equalizer Release Aid was noted as here most valuable product:

“It seemed to good to be true when I was told I could increase my bow’s draw length by 3!" Naturally I didn't believe it.  But when the Equalizer arrived and I slipped it on and shot it, I was amazed!  I feel like it is truly a miracle for those of us in the archery world with short draw lengths.  Whether you are a shorter, smaller, younger or older archer, man or woman the Equalizer lives up to its name because it allows you to increase arrow speed and performance on the range or in the field to become equally competitive against the longer draw archer/bowhunter.  I now have the ability to shoot 10 fps faster PER INCH of draw length gained!  That in turn increases the kinetic energy released from the bow, allowing me to shoot a faster, flatter arrow, develop more kinetic energy and hunt much bigger game safely and ethically.  If it weren't for the Equalizer Release, I wouldn't have the opportunity to live my dream of hunting the Big Five with a bow!”  

Rebecca Francis
Extreme Huntress

It is the best thing I have found to get me more arrow speed. it got me about 15 feet per second more arrow speed because it got me able to shoot a 1.5 inch longer draw length over my Scott Wildcat release which was a very short release in its own. It does exactly what it claims to do. Only thing I would change would be the open hook I prefer the closed double jaw for obvious reasons like easier bow letdown. it has a good inline trigger. Your form is not messed by this release. If you have a short draw length like me this is a MUST have if you want some speed out of your bow. One of the best investments I have ever made.

Reviewer: John Parker
A Wonderful Invention

I certainly use Goat Tuff High Performance glues and other Goat Tuff Products for arrow making but I never thought of them for 'other' purposes. I've used Super Glues, that are thin and hard to work with plus dry up after one use. I've tried Gorilla Glue which is hard to work with and expands like some fungus when it dries. So, I had an old, like in 30 year old electric fan. the blade system was bolted into a hard plastic shaft. They don't make plastic like this any more. I couldn't get the shaft base out and the blade part was broken. I thought I would try Goat Tuff HP Glue. I applied a thin coat to the outer part and then rotated it onto the inside part until I had a fairly good seat. I could barely grab the bladed part so it was a matter of pushing and turning until I thought it seated in the uneven broken section. I waited about 10 seconds as I could barely get two fingers to hold the outer section in place. To my surprise, it worked and I now have a great old fan. You can keep your Super Glue, all my glue needs are now in one bottle of Goat Tuff High Performance Glue.

Rich Walton
Tucson, Az

The Fired Up Outdoors crew recently started using Goat Tuff Products including Opti-Vanes, Goat Tuff Glue and GT Impact Glue.  We just wanted to take a few minutes and tell you how satisfied we are with these products.

We are all shooting Carbon Victory Shafts in various sizes.  A few of us are shooting wrapped arrows and a few undressed shafts.  No matter the situation, when using the combination of GT High Performance Glue and the Opti-Vanes not one arrow has needed to be refletched.  These arrows have endured hundreds of practice shots each and several of my hunting arrows are on their 2nd or 3rd animal of the season.  The Opti-Vanes are extremely durable and work incredibly well in the strong Oklahoma winds.

Additionally, not one of our team has had to replace an insert the entire year.  The best thing is, one small bottle of GT High Performance Glue and GT Impact Glue is enough to take care of several dozen arrows from start to finish.  This means less trips to the store buying glue, less money spent and more time in the woods.

Thanks Goat Tuff,

Brian Magee
Fired Up Outdoors

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