The Revolutionary Release Aid Guaranteed to Increase Your Arrow Speed!
With a wider draw shelf and repositioned trigger, the Equalizer has made a tremendous impact on arrow performance for short draw archers or those who have had to shoot reduce draw weight due to age or injury. Now no one has to settle for reduced performance. With the Equalizer every archer can increase arrow performance without increasing bow draw weight.

EQUALIZER – More Than a Release Aid - The Speed Machine Helps You Shoot Faster Arrows.
  • Increase arrow speed/performance without increasing draw weight
  • Increases stored energy for greater penetration
  • Ergonomic straight line dynamics of hand, wrist, arm and trigger
  • Machined aluminum body with SS internal parts
  • Adjustable plunger style trigger
  • Easy length adjustment feature
  • Leather wrist strap with buckle or velcro adjustment

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